CPL-U Sports Draft Announced

Toronto, ON (November 6, 2019) –Select, top rated, Canadian University soccer players from coast to coast will have an opportunity to earn a spot on a Canadian Premier League Club through the CPL-U SPORTS Draft during the 2019 U SPORTS Men’s Soccer Championship Presented by La Cage – Brasserie sportive in Montreal taking place November 7-10.

The player draft picks will be announced in succession on November 11th, 2019 at 7:00pm ET on, CPL Soccer’s YouTube Channel and on IGTV @cplsoccer.  The draft will be presented by CanPL editorial members and Centre Circle Live (CCL) Podcast hosts, Armen Bedakian and Marty Thompson who will be joined by CanPL Quebec correspondent Arcadio Marcuzzi.The editorial team will also be on site in Montreal and will provide in-depth preview coverage of the draft for the CPL website.


This year’s CPL-U SPORTS Draft will consist of two rounds with each Club receiving one pick per round. The order of the draft will be based off of a Club’s regular season record over the course of both the Spring and Fall Competition and will be formatted in a “snake draft” order with HFX Wanderers receiving the first-round selection. Learn more about the draft order here.


Since 2018, at the conclusion of the U SPORTS Men’s Soccer Championship, the Canadian Premier League holds a draft for eligible U SPORTS men’s soccer players who have registered and declared themselves ‘available’ to be selected through the League’s annual draft. This draft is open to any eligible U SPORTS underclassman that registers for the draft. The CPL-U SPORTS Draft will consist of two rounds, seven picks in each round.