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Matchday Preview | Valour FC vs FC Edmonton, July 31, 2021
11 hours ago
"He’s good on the ball, likes to play out of the back but most importantly it’s his defensive quality and aggression we really like." Valour adds Canadian defender Rocco Romeo on loan
21 hours ago
Valour FC acquire defender Rocco Romeo on loan
22 hours ago
“He’s a top-class goalie, he’s been the best goalkeeper in the league” | Valour FC 0, HFX Wanderers FC 1
7 days ago
"To me he’s the best player in the league. But, that’s football, it’s reality and it’s next man up." | Valour Match Preview
1 week ago
"I want to help make sure the team still has in sight the mission at hand. I’m not leaving my team because of this." | Andrew Jean-Baptiste will miss remainder of season
1 week ago
Post-Match | Rob Gale | July 18
2 weeks ago
Post-Match | Daryl Fordyce | July 18
2 weeks ago
"We’ve got a room full of leaders. It doesn’t matter who takes the arm band" | Valour FC 3, York United 0
2 weeks ago
“There’s only one objective here and that’s to win a championship” | Valour Match Preview
2 weeks ago
"It’s continuing to keep our foot on the throttle to create these chances and believe that we’ll find a way to win." | Valour FC 1, Atlético Ottawa 0
2 weeks ago
“By being in the present and focussing on what’s in front of me right now helps me manage the situation I’m in right now. And right now it’s a lot of fun for me.”
2 weeks ago