Home Workout #2 with Head Athletic Therapist, Derek McLennan
Derek McLennan, B. Kin – AT, CAT(c), Head Athletic Therapist, walks you through a quick home-workout designed for the players.
Single Leg Deadlift
This exercise works the muscles of the posterior chain, and is a great proprioceptive exercise.
Begin by standing with your feet together and arms by your side. Start the movement by hinging at the hips and reaching down toward your foot with your opposite hand (i.e.. Left hand to right foot). Good cues for this one are keeping a big chest, squeeze the glutes and core tight to assist with balance, and do not let your hips rotate.

Segmental Cat/Camel
A mobility exercise working on full spinal flexion/extension mobility. You will start down in the quadruped position (hands stacked under shoulders and knees stacked under hips). From there start in a ‘camel’ position with you back fully arched up towards the sky. Now you want to start slowly, working from your hips, arching your back down towards the ground. The goal is to make a wave motion. Once you get up to your head, and are in a full ‘cat’ position, you reverse the process to get back into a ‘camel’ position. Complete 5 reps.