Home Workout #3 with Head Athletic Therapist, Derek McLennan
Derek McLennan, B. Kin – AT, CAT(c), Head Athletic Therapist, walks you through a quick home-workout designed for the players.
A great mobility and strengthening exercise for the upper back and shoulders. This exercise works on the muscles around the scapula and glenohumeral joint. Start by lying on your stomach. During this exercise you will need to create full body stiffness. Do this by pushing your feet down into the floor, contracting your core like someone is going to punch you, and pushing your forehead into the ground. This concept can be taken an applied to a wide variety of exercises from planks to squats. Put your hands on your low back and let your elbows drop to the ground, this will be your starting position. Begin by squeezing between the shoulder blades, and lifting your elbows off of the ground. Next, extend at the elbow and begin to swing your arm up overhead while maintaining the squeeze between your shoulder blades. Once you get out to a ‘T’ position, rotate your arm from the shoulders to have your palms face the ground and continue to move through the ‘snow angel’ motion until you make a ‘Y’ with your arms and body. From there you will bend at the elbows to bring your hands overtop of the back of your head. Once again make sure to be maintaining the squeeze between your shoulder blades. From there let your hands move down to touch the back of your head, and then relax your elbows down to the ground. From there you will reverse the actions to get yourself back to the starting position.

Reverse Nordic
A knee dominant quadriceps strengthening exercise. Begin by kneeling down with your feet dorsiflexed. Keeping a straight line from you knees up; doing this by squeezing you glutes and contracting your core. Let yourself fall backwards in a controlled manner until you cannot go any further or you feel like you’re about to lose form. Then bring yourself back up to the starting position. This exerise can allow for great eccentric loading of the quadriceps.