Home Workout #5 with Head Athletic Therapist, Derek McLennan

Derek McLennan, B. Kin – AT, CAT(c), Head Athletic Therapist, walks you through a quick home-workout designed for the players.

Hamstring End Range Isometrics
This exercise is a great way to work on muscle recruitment and strengthening of the the hamstring muscles in a shortened position. Set yourself up by assuming a lunge position with your foot on top of a couch, chair, or cushion. The goal is to attempt to lift your foot off the object it is placed upon by contracting the hamstring. You do not want you foot to raise up more then 1-2″ as our goal is to work the end range of the hamstring muscle. This exercise may cause the muscle to cramp, however the goal is to push through that cramp and teach the muscle it is okay to function in shortened positions.

Push Up Release
The push up release exercise is a great anterior chest and core exercise. The release portion of the movement teaches core stabilization, and does not allow for any cheating during the exercise (not working through full range of motion). Set yourself up on the ground with your hands just hider then shoulder width apart and around the mid-chest. Start by squeezing between the scapula to lift our hands off the ground, then brace with the core and push down with hands to lift your body up into a high plank position. Lower yourself back down to the ground and repeat the movement.