Home Workout #6 with Head Athletic Therapist, Derek McLennan
Derek McLennan, B. Kin – AT, CAT(c), Head Athletic Therapist, walks you through a quick home-workout designed for the players.
Groin Slides
This is a great exercises to work on squat mechanics as well as loading of the adductor muscles of the lower limb. Begin by placing one foot on a towel or some other sort of object that will decrease the friction between you and the surface you’re on to allow for your foot to slide. Begin the movement by squatting down and allowing the limb that’s on the slider to move lateral to you. The key is to keep your weight above the squatting limb and watch for other cues, such as keeping you knee in line with your foot. Once you get to the bottom of the movement, use the foot the slide out to assist with pulling you back up by squeezing with your groin.

Torso Rotations
Torso Rotations (aka T-spine Rotations) are a great mobility exercise to use to get your thoracic spine warmed up before your workout. Get yourself down in a quadruped position to begin. Begin by feeding one arm through your arm and leg on the opposite side with your palm facing up. Reach through as far as you can. Then pull the arm back through and swing it around up toward the ceiling to work rotation to the opposite side. Work back and forth through this movement in a controlled fashion.