Emblem Inspiration

Inspiration of Crest

Designed to be reminiscent of a military medal, the Valour FC logo and crest draw their inspiration from the Victoria Cross and military medals of honour and recognition: The ‘V’ emulates the folded ribbon of a military medal, and the circle below the ‘V’ is the shape of the medal itself.

But further to the initial inspiration, the logo and crest are truly Manitoban, with the centre of the ‘V’ representing the geographical meeting point of the Red River and Assiniboine River – a location that has long defined this city. Similarly, the crest’s shape mirrors the merging of the two rivers, with the three lines representing the Red River, and the two lines representing the Assiniboine River.

The right side of the ‘V’ also creates a ‘W’ – for Winnipeg of course, and also a nod to the Blue Bombers.

The logo was designed to be clean and modern, but at the same time incorporate the city’s rich soccer history by using parts of former crests. The maroon circle is a tribute to the banner on the Victoria Cross, which was awarded to the men who inspired the team’s name.

The arc of wheat at the top of the crest symbolizes the thriving agriculture industry that has been a mainstay in the province and has grown into an iconic Manitoban symbol, the province being blanketed with golden wheat fields in the summer months.

Inspiration of Colours

Valour Maroon

Wheat Gold

Earth Black

The striking swatch is a nod to the story of three soldiers from Winnipeg’s Valour Road, back when it was known as Pine Street. Awarded the Victoria Cross for their show of bravery in World War I, the ribbon from which their medals hung is the deep maroon of Valour FC’s identity.

The gold represents the golden hue of the prairies from expansive wheat fields stretching as far as the eye can see, hence its name – Wheat Gold.

The eye-catching Golden Boy standing prominently atop the Manitoba Legislative Building is also, in part, the inspiration for the shade. Modelled after Mercury, the statue was sculpted in France in 1918 but was taken on a detour as its cargo ship was commandeered for use in World War I. The torch in its hand is a call to the youth of the region to join in his pursuit of a prosperous future.

And from the rich black soil grows the golden wheat, hence the third and final colour making up the palette for Valour FC – Earth Black.