High Performance

The Valour FC High Performance Centre of Excellence aims to prepare athletes for the first step in their career as football players, whether that be Canadian national teams, professional, collegiate, or otherwise. The ultimate goal is to prepare male players for the Valour F.C. first team, and female players for various CWNT categories using the Valour FC Elite Girls team. Recognizing that not all players will aspire or have the ability to attain the highest levels of the sport, Valour FC will work with each individual athlete to help them carve out their unique pathway.

Core to our approach, the “Train to Train” stage of development, would include a comprehensive program, consistent with Valour 1st team curriculum and progressions. Leveraging Valour FC staff, players, medical, and operational team, the long term goal of the Valour FC Elite Youth program would be to develop a comprehensive Athlete Care program, providing support and training on the emotional, phycological, as well as the technical, tactical, and physical side of the sport. The holistic approach alongside our core value of better people make better athletes. Other long-term initiatives could include preparing athletes for professional or collegiate sport, social media training, public speaking challenges, leadership and teambuilding workshops to name a few.

Valour F.C. values must be present in every aspect of the high-performance program. Values and attitude can be learned, and at this prime age, our athletes and staff will represent the Valour crest with utmost pride. While each participant will represent their own individual club, it is expected that the respect, ambition, effort, and teamwork that is taught within the Valour F.C. Centre of Excellence program will be carried out into the broader football community with these players.

Professionalizing the game in our Province starts with the Valour FC High Performance Centre of Excellence!

Stay-tuned for dates of programs and camps as Covid-19 restrictions change in the fall of 2021