Official Youth Affiliate Clubs

Official Youth Affiliate Clubs

The Valour FC Youth Soccer Club Affiliate Program provides technical soccer support and assistance to a select group of clubs in the City of Winnipeg and throughout the province. Youth Club Affiliates will have significant access to the Valour coaches and players while also having access to unique ticket packages and experiences.

The program utilizes the technical knowledge of the Valour FC professional club to give our Youth Club Affiliates an enhanced ability to develop their youth talent by providing a structured pathway to the professional level for their members along with meeting the needs of all youth players in the community.

Valour’s training model will have the player at the core of its approach. It will offer consistency between the stages of LTPD, whilst providing the foundations and necessary building blocks to better equip players of all ability levels, to continue their chosen pathways within the game. The Valour FC Club Affiliate program strives toward the collective goal of helping provide unique support and programming for each Club through coach education, sharing of resources and development opportunities.

Stay-tuned for dates of programs and camps as Covid-19 restrictions change in the fall of 2021

For more information on the Valour FC Youth Soccer Club Affiliate program,  please contact Sam Calvert at